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We had a fantastic experience with Anderson's Chem Dry. The technician was very professional and had wonderful work ethic. He was here right on time and was happy to explain the process and the machines they used when asked. He was also was very understanding and worked around our busy household. When he was done, our home smelled fresh and clean, not like wet carpet. Our newer carpet looked new again. Our older carpet felt clean again. He went above and beyond what most cleaners would to insure that we were happy with his work. The receptionist was very thorough, precise, and accurate when taking our information, giving us a quote and setting up our apt. They were not trying to push their business, rather it seemed like they really cared about doing a great job all the way around. We will continue to call them, and we will definitely be cleaning our carpets more regularly.

Tracy C

Awesome and courteous service. Cleaned all Postrio and carpet in my RV. Would recommend this company to anyone.

Rick T

They have excellent customer service and are always very friendly. They always come through when I need them. I would recommend them to everyone. They make the carpets look brand new. I have never been disappointed. I will use them again in the future.

Courtney F

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