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For one of the best professional cleaning services Maricopa, Anderson's Chem-Dry should be the top choice in your community when cleaning needs arise. Anderson's Chem-Dry offers a variety of services starting off with carpet cleaning ranging to Granite counter top renewal.  You're probably thinking, well anybody can do that for me so why do I need Chem-Dry? Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and we do this by always striving to learn the best techniques to complete any cleaning job effectively the first time around.  This saves you time and money.  We are here to work WITH you so give us a call if a service you're looking for is not listed below. 

Carpet Cleaning Maricopa AZ: Anderson's Chem-Dry

Our carpet cleaning team in Maricopa, AZ is dedicated to providing one of the best service when you're looking to have carpets cleaned in your home, business or anywhere else you need it done.  We use the power of carbonation in our carpet cleaning methods to utilize time and water, saving both in the process.  The cleaning solutions we use are green certified and unfriendly, this means our process requires 80% less water than most competitors and in Arizona this is beneficial to aid in sustaining the water environment.  Don't get the wrong idea though, just because we use less water does not mean our clean is less effective.  Instead of high pressure spraying that push particles deeper down the power of carbonation reaches deep down in the carpet fibers and lift dirt, bacteria, and allergen particles to the surface for a deeper longer lasting clean. (Click to learn more)

Upholstery Cleaning Maricopa AZ: Anderson's Chem-Dry

Just like the carpet in your home takes a beating and needs to be refreshed, your upholstery and furniture need to be maintained with regular cleaning.  Anderson's Chem-Dry utilizes professional strength grade solutions that are gentle on upholstery fibers while getting a deeper clean which removes dirt, grime and allergens that have accumulated over time.  Before you go to take a Sunday nap on the living room couch, schedule an appointment with us to come restore the appearance and health of your home.  (Click to learn more)